Thank You RedState!

Hello RedState! This is my first blog ever, but I know you will be kind. As a front page contributor, my husband is the one you are accustomed to reading. I have always considered myself support staff, coffee-getter, article reader, and general cheerio (I happen to think he’s really good). I just never thought about getting involved directly until last weekend’s RedState Gathering. Let me tell you why I do now.

I met some incredible people in the last week. Most of them were not politicians or “connected”, just average Americans who are concerned about the direction this country is headed. (Although, I did have the opportunity to meet an awesome governor and future governor.)

The RedState Gathering 2010 was inspirational. It was wonderful to hear and meet the speakers. It was AWESOME to see the film Fire in the Heartland. But it was also so much more than that. It was the people. People who still believe in small government, capitalism, and the founding fathers. People who still believe in the America I believe in.

I met front page contributors, diarists and people that said “Oh I really just read, I don’t post.” Ladies and gentlemen, this is the conservative right. Whether you write, read, or attend, each and every person is making a difference and in November that will be heard and felt across this nation. The ultimate tea party is coming, and I hope some people who felt like me before this past weekend got inspired, get more involved, step up, and take back America. We’re past “support staff” now. Husbands, wives, parents, grandparents,and everyone who cares about the kind of country our children will grow up in … it’s time now. We have to step up, too.

I may have to take baby steps at first, but that’s OK. I’ve signed up for the Morning Briefing, I created this account at RedState, and I’m paying attention. Thanks to people like those I met at the Gathering, I believe more and more people like me will do the same.

So thank you to all of you. To Caleb and Erick. To Aaron and EPU. To Toby and Brockway, to Amy, Victoria, Penguin, Tabitha, Ron, LUR, Neil, and Moe. And to the non-RedStaters too, like Stephen Kruiser, Jenny Erikson (no relation) and Melissa Clouthier. Thanks for everything you do every day to help make the future my children inherit one we can be proud of. I love this country, I care about our future, and I’m going to fight for it. I hope you’ll welcome me to the front lines! (But don’t worry Caleb, I’ll still be the one who makes our coffee. Nobody should have to eat or drink something you made. NOBODY.)

PS. I can’t reply to any comments because my account is less than 24 hours old. Usually I wouldn’t be able to post my blog either, but … I know a guy. 😉