Those of us of a certain age remember the celebrated seer Jean Dixon, who was said to foresee events with uncanny accuracy. In the early ’70’s I remember buying a tabloid featuring her prognostications, and there was one prediction so strange it has stayed with me all these years. She saw herself walking along a path in the future and noticed a pool of water in which a child was submerged with just her face tilted up and about to drown. She asked the child her name, and was told, “Truth.”

Mrs. Dixon, your prediction finally came true.

The current U.S. President and his entire administration lie routinely. Nominees of both major political parties campaigning to replace him both prevaricate with abandon. Everyone in political leadership does the same. We’ve come to expect it.

Reporting by news organizations of all descriptions must be received with skepticism, because most have agendas and slant their coverage to advance them. Deciding which to believe is no easy task.

Opinion leaders conservatives have long trusted have inexplicably betrayed us during the recent primary election contests. Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, the supposedly conservative FoxNews Network, and others, have all lined up firmly behind Donald Trump. Incredibly, they not only excuse but also facilitate his incessant falsehoods and contradictions. None of his reprehensible campaign attacks against good and decent opponents during the primary was outrageous enough to elicit more than a tut-tut from Trump’s faithful.

Many among our brothers and sisters in Christ have also let us down. They have been swayed — by love or money — to get on the Trump Train to perdition.   What possessed them to prefer a proudly adulterous man who says he has no need to ask God’s forgiveness; a man who bilked thousands of investors, contractors, suppliers, and employees out of money that was rightfully theirs to enrich himself; a man who is reflexively vindictive when he perceives someone has disrespected him, and holds grudges beyond rationality; a man who has consorted with mobsters and dregs of humanity, including some on his current campaign staff?

Why would respected Christian leaders prostitute their reputations by association with such a man? Could they not early on recognize the reflection of God in Ted Cruz: his honesty, integrity, and decency, his adherence to Christian principles, his prayerful obedience? He is also uniquely qualified to be President and highly knowledgeable in every field of policy, unlike Trump, who thinks his ignorance is not something to remedy since he has the best mind and will automatically know the best course to take. The choice was not between Trump or some other reprobate. The choice was Trump or a man of God. It should not have been difficult.

Where does that leave the conservative Judeo-Christian remnant who takes seriously the admonition to support and elect leaders with character as described by God Himself in the Bible? Do we once again hold our noses and vote for the lesser of two evils? Or is even the lesser of two evils too toxic a pill to swallow this time?

Not so long ago there would have been an outcry demanding an end to the lies and manipulation, a return to integrity in reporting and in our leaders. “Liar!” has always been an epithet and those exposed as such looked down on. Sadly, there is no such outcry now, and liars whose lies are believed by the gullible are admired.

We watch pluralities happily following either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, knowing full well they pathologically spew misinformation and will use the office of the Presidency to enrich and empower themselves and their cronies. Supporters see gain for themselves in what both promise to accomplish, if need be autocratically, which is fine with them. They accept disregard of the Constitution and rule of law in pursuit of what is perceived as the greater good. The end justifies the means: where have we heard that before?

Blatant dishonesty has been present in the Democrat Party for quite some time. Republicans have not been blameless but did hold themselves to higher standards, until now. With the Trump campaign, standards are out the window.

A fish rots from the head. How long before accepting uncritically the lies and corruption of political leadership filters down to our companies, our business dealings, our communities, our families, our schools, even our churches? Answer: It’s happening already.

The little girl in the pool, Truth, is gasping her last.