The Bionic President

Are you ready for this?  I know why President Barrack Obama has no birth certificate or paper trail:  he is bionic.  If you’re older, you remember the TV series “The Bionic Man,” who was part man and part machine and could perform the most amazing physical feats.  Obama has shown no sign of physical prowess (aside from basketball and golf), but that was not the purpose in making him bionic.

His creators (George Soros, et al) designed him to do exactly what he has done: become President of the United States, take Congress by bringing Democrats in on his coattails, and thus take over America.   Without firing a shot, and without most people being aware they have been taken over. 

There’s more, and this was the tip-off that really got me thinking about bionics.  His brain is not where ours is.  It’s in his Teleprompter!  There are even back-ups, all designed to be his brain.  This explains why he can’t put three words together intelligibly without his Teleprompter.  His creators communicate with the Teleprompter to tell Obama what to do next.

I’m glad that mystery is solved.  His creators, being so powerful, had no problem providing the papers he absolutely needed (Social Security Number, driver’s license); and obstructing access to those which are either non-existent or embarrassing. 

Unfortunately, the Constitution doesn’t say whether a bionic man is eligible to be President.   The Founders couldn’t think of everything.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?  Nah, they’re not bionic.  If you were making a bionic person, would you make him or her in the image of either of them?  I didn’t think so.  I haven’t ruled out the space alien theory ….