Nye (VA-02) flip-flops on "Public Option"

Unfortunately, I’m a constituent of Congressman Nye.  I’ve gotten the “I voted against cap-and-tax” form letters only to see he has sent others letters with quite the opposite tone.

Now he slithers into town and meets in private with health care types, while diligently avoiding any meetings with the public.  While there he implicitly supports the public option, something he has had his staff adamantly and repeatedly deny when I have called his office.  Plus, he dangled some bacon in front of the locals.  Oh, and he’s open to co-ops.  Shocker.

This man is a tool of his liberal masters.  He used his veteran status and anti-Bush sentiment to get this seat.  He pretended to be a conservative.  The charade is over and the man has been exposed as what he truly is, a lying liberal.