The Fifty-Employee Job Killer

Maybe some of our candidates are mentioning this, but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it, and I wish they would.

It is my understanding (correct me if I’m wrong) that Obamacare created some regulations/requirements which only apply to “larger” companies — those with fifty or more employees.

That is a direct disincentive to hiring for companies with between 45 and 50 employees.  It arbitrarily increases the costs of hiring a 50th employee.

It also provides a perverse incentive for companies with between 50 and 55 employees to lay off some of their people, so as to get under the threshold.

This won’t prevent a company from hiring if they really need help.  But for those borderline decisions, it could well tip the balance.  And why would someone who cares about jobs in a recession want to do anything to tip the balance into “no” territory on any hiring decisions?

Any regulation that is bad for a 49 employee business is bad for a business with 51 employees, too. 

Obama is going to veto the repeal, so it is probably going to have to be piece-meal repeals.  Every 50-employee regulation in Obamacare should be a prime target.  Make Obama veto those repeals and then find a few employers near that threshold who have made hiring decisions because of it, and splash them all over the news.

This is an easy-to-understand job killer that could make a nice 30 second ad….