Take Five Rush...I Got This One.

So the Obama goons think we should throw Rush Limbaugh overboard do they?

I’m going to say that again.

The liberals are encouraging we, conservatives, to abandon Rush…because they don’t like him? Here comes one of my favorite phrases:

You’ve gotta be [bleeping] kidding me! Man, there really is a right time for the F-bomb isn’t there?

I wouldn’t ditch a kidney stone to appease those liberal jackasses!

So liberals don’t like Rush Limbaugh? Well, that’s a pretty compelling argument against him isn’t it? Fine, I don’t like Hugo Chavez, so when can I expect a liberal to “distance themselves” from him?!

I suspect that’ll be right around the time they finally admit that Alger Hiss was a traitor.

You know, there’s a reason Reagan had a rule about back-stabbing another Republican. The Liberals love to take advantage of our virtue in order to play us against one another. We want to be “nice” and “fair” and seem “open-minded” so when they demonize one of ours, whether it be Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin or whoever, there are always some among us who are willing to “feed the alligator”

I ripped-off that last part from Winston Churchill. He had a great line about those who feed the alligator in the hope of not being eaten, can only assure that they will be eaten last.

We would do well to remember that. I’ve trashed my share of RINO’s, but always on my terms. I won’t be dictated to by the same crowd that had to be dragged kicking and screaming to a mild admonition of a domestic terrorist who believes his anti-American activities ‘didn’t go far enough’. And these A-O’s presume to lecture us about what sort of crowd we should hang out with? Bull[expletive]!

Which brings me to another point. When do the liberals ever throw one of theirs under the bus? When have you ever heard a liberal denounce one of their dumbass commentators like…oh…Al Franken, Paul Begala, James Carville, Chris Matthews or the nauseating Keith Olbermann. Never! In fact, in the case of Franken, not only won’t they “distance themselves” from any of the tripe that bleating, cockeyed half-wit has sputtered out over the years, but they’re trying to steal a Senate seat for him as we speak!

“But Rush is so arrogant”… “His ego is out of control”… “He’s too extreme”…

I say…good for him! Rush has single-handedly wrested control of an entire segment of the media from liberals hasn’t he? Wouldn’t you say that justifies…oh…just a little bit of an ego? I think so!

There’s another line that I’m getting sick and tired of hearing from “Republicans” and other assorted fools on the call-in shows:

“Well…Ruuush really doesn’t speaaak fer me…(hiccup).”

Well who does speak for you then?…you ass! Do you have a ventriloquist with his hand up your [censored] pretending to drink water while you drool out your make-believe enlightenment?

See, that’s one way to identify a “moderate” or “centrist”. They’re always waiting for someone to “speak for them”…because they’re fools and don’t know what they think about anything until someone tells them.

As an authentic conservative, I’m not looking for someone to “speak for me”. I speak for myself! And I do my own thinking too…by the way.

I plan to give the Left absolutely nothing! I don’t care how much pissing and moaning they do…they get nothing! I refuse to give them even one inch because once you feed that alligator, it won’t stay satisfied long. Once liberals smell blood in the water, the feeding frenzy moves on to the next target, no matter how much chum you toss in their way.

No predator ever stops eating as long as it keeps being fed. Death by starvation is the only solution so…once again…I give them NOTHING!

Moreover, I recommend using this as a litmus test to help smoke out a few of the RINO’s hiding out there. Believe me, if a Republican won’t stand up for Rush…what do you suppose the chances are they will stand up for you? Do you have an audience of twenty million? What makes you think you are not expendable too?

This just demonstrates how liberals, and even some Republicans, don’t understand conservatives and what we’re all about.

I wouldn’t even hand George W. Bush over to those jerks. What makes them think I would sell-out the loudest conservative voice in country on their say-so?

No, you won’t get Rush…Barack.

You won’t get Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin either…so don’t bother asking! The more you liberals hate these people, the more I love them!

Michael Steele did the right think by back-pedaling on his unfortunate Rush-related misstatement. We can let that go…once.

But for the rest of the Beltway-Manhattan punditry and political class the message should be clear.

Get behind Rush. Get behind conservatives. While you’re at it, get a spine.

And get your cowardly asses back in line! Or get lost.

…And thank you, Rush Limbaugh, for the past two decades.