The Fierce Urgency of Socialism

Apparently, Obama and his minions thought they would ride into Washington DC and be “welcomed as liberators”. Evidently, he proclaimed “mission accomplished” a little too early. It seems that he was “unprepared” for the level of resistance he would face. Perhaps the pre-inauguration estimates were even…shall we say…inaccurate?

So former President-Elect Barack Obama, appalled at Republicans who are acting like Republicans, has taken his show on the road to Indiana. To the community of Elkhart where so many people working in the RV industry are now suffering. The RV industry which, by the way, has been devastated by liberal environmental policies and oppressive liberal corporate taxes. The Celebutard-in-Chief fired up the teleprompter and lobbed large chunks of rhetorical road apples at the masses;

“The situation we face could not be more serious. We have inherited an economic crisis as deep and as dire as any since the Great Depression. Economists from across the spectrum have warned that if we don’t act immediately, millions more jobs will be lost, and national unemployment rates will approach double digits. More people will lose their homes and their healthcare. And our nation will sink into a crisis that, at some point, we may be unable to reverse.”

Some of that is almost true if you don’t count the “deeper” and “more dire” crisis left in the wake of Jimmy Carter whom the Democrats would like you to forget was also a liberal President once.

By “Economists” of course, Barack is not referring to the two hundred economists, including three Nobel laureates, who took out a full page ad in the Washington Post and New York Times opposing the stimulus.

But the Socialist doesn’t let a little thing like “the truth” get in the way when there’s an opportunity to capitalize on fear and uncertainty. Wasn’t it Rahm Emanuel who said, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”? Well, he certainly wasn’t the first leftist to exploit a crisis. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Etc…take your pick. They were all masters of this favorite play in the tyrants’ playbook.

So what does our “dear leader” have to say about Democracy and debate in a free society?

“We can no longer afford to wait and see and hope for the best. We can no longer posture and bicker and resort to the same failed ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.”

No…don’t think. Just follow me and I will show you the way. Dance puppets…dance.

By the way, what “failed policies that got us into this mess” would Barack be referring to? Would that be the Community Reinvestment Act? No, of course not. He means capitalism. He means the free market. To the leftist, these are the flawed economic theories which have led us to where we are today. And you had better believe that he intends to maximize this crisis in order to correct the mistakes caused by our foolish trifling in…liberty.

“We’ll also put people to work rebuilding our schools so all our kids can have the world-class classrooms, labs and libraries they need to compete in today’s global economy.”

Now why do I think this means more unionized, government teachers and not so much anything to do with actual education? I happen to think our kids would do just fine in a run down classroom if they were actually learning about something besides Kwanzaa and condoms.

I wonder if there will be any competition, diversity and community standards applied to these schools Obama plans to build? Like they kind they’re about to shove down our throats when they start pushing for the “Fairness Doctrine”…which they’re certain to do here shortly. Do you think they will propose a “local content rule” for education or will it be the same old central planning-style Department of Education federal mandates which have kept our kids dumber than those in other countries who dodge arrows on their way to and from their rundown, dilapidated one-room schools?

“I can tell you with complete confidence that endless delay or paralysis in Washington in the face of this crisis will bring only deepening disaster.”

I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of impending disasters in the next four years. Every time our little Obama doesn’t seem to be getting his way…I’m sure.

What I, and other bitter-clingers, would like to see out of this Stimulus package are some “benchmarks”. I would like to see a set of quantifiable goals that must be met or we should be able to “de-fund” this whole operation.

While we’re at it, let’s have a “global test”. Since the damn U.N. is so important, why not have the president get eleven or twelve resolutions from the U.N. on the issue of the U.S. economic crisis before we go forward with spending trillions of dollars? I’m sure the French and Germans would like to weigh in on the “buy American” provisions for these “shovel-ready” projects (man…am I getting sick of these slogans).

After all, Barack is a global citizen right? Shouldn’t our European friends have some input when our protectionist policies will close markets to their products? Hell with sovereignty, it’s time to restore our standing in the international community!

Last, but not least, I think we need an “exit strategy”. This “go-it-alone” mentality is so…2003. No Stimulus package should be passed unless we have a clear timetable for victory in this economic crisis! This must be the standard, and we must insist upon it, no matter how big and dumb-looking Obama’s ears are.

That one was for you Jessica Simpson.