Remember The Bush/Chimpanzee Picture That Liberals Thought Was Sooooo Funny?...

I’m sure you’ve seen that one. It was a picture comparing various expressions of President Bush to various expressions of a monkey that made the rounds on the internet?

Liberals circulated a lot of funny little pictures of Bush on the internet… didn’t they.

Well, I thought it would be a good time to return the favor. I plan on returning a lot of favors in the years to come…oodles of them, one might say.

I thought about responding in kind, but I’m not about to make it that easy for the libs. I do, however, plan on showing Barack the same level of respect that liberals showed Bush for eight years.

What’s the point? Well…it is time to teach liberals a lesson. When they win, they expect us to be genial and classy. Whey they lose, they become the most childish, petty, nasty, mean-spirited jackasses around. It is time to show them that they can’t count on our indulgence just because they seem to be getting their way at the moment.

The liberals would like to create a mythology that will last well beyond the Obama presidency. They would like to craft an image that Obama is some great “man of the people” who is universally loved and admired by America…

I plan on showing them that not only is there a large percentage of us who are completely unimpressed with Barack’s personality, but we can be just as creative with email forwarding as they can.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t kick someone while they’re down, but these aren’t normal circumstances are they? I’m talking about you Tom Daschle! I don’t care how sad Harry Reid and Andrea Mitchell are over your downfall…it’s still not good enough! We’re not talking about a few bucks in tips you forgot to declare from your second job working in a diner. We’re talking about $140,000 that you supposedly “forgot” to pay? I call bull[censored] on that one! You didn’t forget to pay it, you just thought you would get away with it and now you’re sorry because you got caught. That’s more money than most people make…Tom. That money could feed a lot of starving children couldn’t it? How many elderly people could have had their prescription drugs paid for with the money you “forgot” to pay in taxes?

What is it with you liberals that you always talk about how much you care so much, but you sure as hell don’t put your tax money where your mouth is! I think you should be investigated by the IRS…Tom…because it’s the only fair thing to do, right? After all, wasn’t it you who pontificated not too long ago about how tax cheats are cheating us all?

Well, I agree…you filthy tax cheat!

Say, is it too early to start making the “Impeach Obama” signs?