Happy 100th Birthday…Saul Alinsky.

That’s right, everyone’s favorite commie and the father of modern street agitation turns one hundred today… January 30th 2009. I’ll pause for a second so we can truly appreciate our circumstance here in the United States of America.

We have a Marxist President. We have a Supreme Court that has established itself as a secular tribunal. And our Congress makes the dudes hanging out at Starbucks look like Senior Fellows at The Heritage Foundation!

You’ve got to be [censored] kidding me!

How ironic is it…by the way…that as we speak we are watching one of Alinsky’s rules being applied before our eyes? You know about that one don’t you? It’s “Rule 12”;

“Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”

The target for ‘Alinsky disciple’ Obama is Rush Limbaugh. There’s a reason Rush has been singled out. They’re “personalizing” an industry they don’t like…Talk Radio. An attack on Rush is not only an attack on Talk Radio, but its audience and by extension the entire Conservative movement. That’s you and me.

Think of the most radical Marxist fruitcake professor you ever had in school. Well, he is the President now. And Barack didn’t come through the Washington beltway deal-making system. He is for real, and he has a cult following.

See, there was only so much Clinton could do. He was the product of good-ol-boy Arkansas politics and he was too obsessed with his own legacy to lead a real movement. It was the same with Gore, Kerry, and the rest of those jokers. They are plenty dangerous and I take them seriously, but Barack is different.

Unlike most Washington-types, Obama doesn’t have the patience for gridlock or the slow, parliamentary cold-molasses-going-up-hill legislative pace. You know, all that antiquated B.S. the Founders set up for us. He wants everything that he and his fellow “intellectuals” have been crowing about at cocktail parties for years. And he doesn’t want to wait for it either. He operates by Alinsky rules, and no others.

I think it’s time for the stigma to be removed from words like Communist, Marxist, Socialist and Collectivist. I think McCarthy was the last person on the Senate floor to use these words openly, and God bless him for it, but the sting of what happened to him has been exploited very effectively by the media. McCarthy was the last to talk that way, and there aren’t too many on our side in a hurry to be the next.

We’re going to have to drag Conservative politicians out of their comfort zones. We are going to have to start calling this what it is… by its name. By that I mean that we are going to have to vigorously defend our elected representatives when one of them steps up and finally crosses that line. When one of them actually says… “communist”.

The media has done a great job of burying that one haven’t they? They haven’t missed a detail either. You didn’t really think it was an accident that the media tagged Republican states as “Red” states on those electoral map graphics did you?

I’m going to upset some people, but it’s important to make a point here;

1. There was no UFO crash in New Mexico… it was a balloon.
2. There was no organized plot to kill Kennedy… it was Lee Harvey Oswald… alone.
3. There was no “Monika Lewinsky”… it was Keith Olbermann in a wig.

I don’t subscribe to “conspiracy theories”. I’m not part of the tinfoil hat wearing crowd, although I did like a certain late night talk radio show back when I used to work nights. The point is, it’s time to separate the communist agenda from the rest of the junk.

Communism is real. There really is a strategy and they didn’t just go away because the Soviet system collapsed. There really are people who believe in that stuff, and our government is teeming with them right now. So we have to point it out and defend our ideological spokespeople when they do the same.

Talk Radio is just the opening round in what is certain to be a long fight. Targets to follow will be the 2nd Amendment, private property rights, due process and, eventually, national sovereignty. I know the left has been chipping away at these institutions for years. This is not something I’ve just suddenly become aware of and now want to impress people with my great insight. Many on the right have been saying this for years, but it bears repeating.

Obama and his crowd are tired of incrementalism. They’re tired of waiting and they see this as their big chance to get everything without having to wait. We can’t afford to ‘pick our fights’. Everything has to be a fight. When Conservatives show the fortitude that our Congressional Republicans showed this week by unanimously voting against the “Stimulus” bill, they have to hear from us. It’s not enough to complain when they let us down, they have to know that we’re behind them when they stand up and lead!

Most importantly, we have to be prepared to support nothing less than pure Conservatives in the upcoming primaries. We can’t afford moderates and centrists and “reach across the aisle” types anymore. It doesn’t matter what their names are or how long they’ve been around, they have to go.

If you haven’t read “Rules for Radicals” yet, it’s time to go find a bookstore near some college campus and get a copy. You can return it when you’re done and I’m sure they’ll be glad to have it back. But we owe it to ourselves to become educated about the enemy’s strategy so we will recognize… for some reason I’m thinking of that scene from Patton… what they’re up to, explain it to others, and make sure that they do not succeed.