So Biden is Going To The Munich Security Conference?…This Ought To Be Good.

In his first trip as Vice President, Joe “Stand up Chuck!” Biden is off to embarrass himself in front of the Germans…a challenge, but we know Joe is up to it.

After issuing his first Vice Presidential apology for insulting the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot of apologies from this guy), Biden will board the Vice-Presidential short bus to attend a conference of like-minded Euro-trash.

I’m sure he will be well received, especially among the “few” Germans who keep shrines to the era of National Socialism in their basements.

According to the Washington Post (1/27/09) the conference will address the future of NATO, “nuclear weapons issues” and the “crises” in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

Hey Joe, since most of the discussions will probably occur in English, which is just one of the languages in which you are illiterate, I’ll give you a heads-up on what will be going on…given the likelihood that you will miss most of it while you are busy making an ass of yourself.

The “future of NATO” will be that the U.S. will continue to shovel billions into the defense of a bunch of ungrateful European ballerina-states who would rather watch subtitled Jerry Lewis films, not-shower and eat undercooked poached chicken than lift even one delicate, barely-strong-enough-to-hold-a-smelly-European-cigarette, finger to defend themselves. But, that won’t stop them from trashing us whenever we don’t have a President who is as cultured and odd as one of their leaders. I’m sure they’ll be just fine with our current President though.

As for “nuclear weapons issues”, well…just do what you liberals always do. Assure them that we will do absolutely nothing to prevent the next tin-horn dictator from acquiring nukes and, once they do, we will do nothing to protect ourselves from them. Assure them that the U.S. is committed to peace and, by that, we mean that we are committed to the same boot-licking, nuanced equivocating that gave us Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao.

Last but not least, the “crises” in Afghanistan and the Middle East. Let the European freeloaders know that we understand their concerns over the Middle East. We have an understanding of European history and we know all about their “Jewish problem”. I’m sure it won’t be long before Barack sells out Israel, so we’re sure that little “loose end” will be tied up soon enough, to the satisfaction of many Europeans I’m sure. As for Afghanistan, don’t worry. The Taliban will be back to stoning people to death and fighting over piles of sacred rubble soon enough. Yes, we have imposed our freedom on them for too long…and Barack will have no more of it!

If there is a silver lining to this whole dark cloud of “change and hope” that has smothered our great country it is that we, at least, get to have crazy uncle Joe Biden to elicit a few chuckles here and there.
I’m so confident in Biden’s ability to make a fool out of himself that I’ve already started a new post entitled, “Biden’s Embarrassing Gaffe In Munich”…I’m just waiting for him to write it for me.