The “W” Legacy…It Is Time For History To Get It Right

I had a chance to watch the coverage of President Bush’s return to Texas and I have to say, there is something that has bothered me ever since.

He addressed the crowd from behind a podium bearing the Texas state seal and spoke in the same folksy manner we have seen from him since day one. As he finished his speech and went on to wave, shake hands and swagger through the crowd of well-wishers, there was one thought, more of a question really, that I couldn’t get out of my head.

Why the hell have we abandoned this guy?

If anyone had said on September 12, 2001 that we would not suffer another terrorist attack for the balance of the Bush Presidency, I wouldn’t have believed them. If It had been said that the Democrats would gain power by trashing a military that had liberated two countries while the President’s approval numbers would drop to historically low numbers, I wouldn’t have believed that either. And I especially would not have believed that this same President would branded a “war criminal” by the media for housing terrorists…Terrorists!… in a “club-Fed” style country club that is far better than they deserve.

So why haven’t we defended our President? Well, he was soft on illegal immigration. He spent too much. He expanded Medicare. And, of course, he didn’t really defend himself did he?

In the face of the most un-American, visceral and defamatory liberal attacks, President Bush would famously wink and say, “Don’t worry buddy, History will get it right.”

That obviously depends on who tells the story doesn’t it? I am reminded of my favorite line from the movie Braveheart, “History is written by men who’ve hung heroes.”

The fact is, Republicans have never done a good job of defending our own. We allowed Trent Lott to be run out of town over some harmless comments at a ceremony honoring Strom Thurmond on his one thousandth birthday. We stood by while the media savaged George Allen over the word “Macaca”…a word most had never heard before, much less took offense to. We even had members of the McCain campaign throwing Gov. Palin under the bus over a wardrobe that she never even wanted.

But notice that Democrats never treat their own this way. As a matter of fact, Democrats routinely close ranks around the worst of their scoundrels and demagogue anyone who dares to point out their… “scoundrelity” (there you go Wikipedia, a new word)

Democrats made fools of themselves defending Bill Clinton when he tried to use his office to “fix” a lawsuit against him…not to mention countless other legal and ethical transgressions. They demand tribute in the form of confiscatory taxes on every aspect of human existence, but can’t wait to appoint a tax cheat to oversee the IRS, to go with another tax cheat (Charlie Rangel) who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee, or the tax cheat…wait…I’ll come back to that one.

But, it isn’t good enough for liberal degenerates to merely defend other liberal degenerates with shameless persistence. Those who blow the whistle on them must also be targeted for personal obliteration. (see Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, The Whitehouse Travel Office, Limbaugh, Levin, etc.…aaaaall the waaaay back to Sen. Joe McCarthy himself!)

Instead of opposing them, we either sit on our hands or, in far too many instances, try to show liberals what good people we are by cannibalizing our own to satisfy the lynch mob.

It is time to let the liberals do their own dirty work. It’s time for them to be put on their heels when they trash one of ours. It is time for history to get it right!

President Bush is a great man and he was a great President. Let’s discuss the real record for a minute shall we? He did cut taxes. He did lift the ban on off-shore drilling. He did let other Republicans ride his coattails to the House and Senate in ’02 and ’04. And, above all else, he did put the Islamic terrorism on its ass… and kept it there… for seven years! He did all of this with few in his corner. Whenever the water got a little choppy, Republicans jumped ship. And those same Republicans are indignant that President Bush took few principled stands to defend conservatism. Maybe he got tired of not being able to depend on ingrates in his own party! These jokers won’t even get behind a liberal Republican, Arlen Specter, who is the only one trying to stop the appointment of Attorney General nominee, and “A-list” fraud, Eric Holder…who approved the pardon for Marc Rich…the biggest tax cheat in American history! (starting to see a pattern here with liberals and taxes?) How much support can a Conservative really expect?

Meanwhile, the “loyal opposition” has politicized national security, obstructed the President and our military in a time of war and even fantasized about his assassination. The liberals have made a virtue out of treason by leaking battle plans and convicting our troops on the floor of the Senate and House of Representatives. Yeah, I’m talking about you John Murtha! Dick Durbin! You too John Kerry and the rest of you disgraceful traitors who are stinking-up the party that my family, except for myself, are members of. That’s right…I’m calling you traitors!

For my part, as long as I have air in my lungs I’ll defend President Bush for being the one man in Washington who was willing, when our country most needed it, to do the right thing in the face of the most malicious personal attacks, the likes of which would have lesser men leaving town with their tails tucked.

President Bush left office with his shoulders back and his chin up, and God bless him for it.