To My Fellow Conservatives, We Can Own This.

I think the time is right to start talking about where we, as Conservatives, go from here.

I hear many of our brothers and sisters in the Conservative movement sounding pessimistic these days. While I am just as disgusted as you are over the love fest going on between the incoming administration and some of our so-called “conservative commentators”, I refuse to concede defeat simply because so many of our fellow citizens have been duped by a slick liberal marketing campaign that, far short of an ideological triumph, has been merely proof of the adage about fooling all of the people some of the time.

I want to repeat that last part, because it’s important. This was not a victory of ideology.

Had Obama announced that he intended to raise taxes, redistribute wealth, dismantle our free market system and weaken our nation’s defenses and still been elected, I would concede defeat on the “issues”.

But he didn’t run that campaign. He pledged to reduce taxes for ninety five percent of Americans, kill Bin Laden and boost troop levels in Afghanistan. When he was caught in a moment of honesty suggesting that we “spread the wealth around”, he did everything he could to detach himself from that remark and obscure his true intent.

Now we all know what Obama really is. He’s a socialist and he will do his best to govern that way. But he sure as hell did not run as a socialist did he? No! He tried to sound like a free-market, pro-defense, tax-cutting capitalist. He did so because he knew, and still knows, that no one will buy what he’s selling unless he packages it to look like something it isn’t. He had to package socialism to look like conservatism, and since our own candidate was not a conservative and didn’t have the stomach to match Obama where it mattered…he was successful.

Socialism didn’t win this election because socialism wasn’t on the ballot, at least not openly. Unfortunately, neither was conservatism.

This brings me to my real point. It’s not enough to hope that 2012 will have a different result. We have to clear the field of non-conservatives masquerading as conservatives in the primaries. We know who the sell-outs are, and it’s time for them to feel the heat.

The moderates, or as I like to call them “the Democrat wing of the Republican Party”, have become far too comfortable.

When they feel at liberty to proclaim that the Era of Reagan is over, boast about “reaching across the aisle” to appease liberals and pontificate about how important it is for Obama to be successful while mocking conservatives…they have become far too comfortable indeed. And it is time for them to pay for it.

For starters, there are a few Republicans who should not only have conservative challengers in the next primary, but they should expect no support from conservatives in the general election either. I’m talking about Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter and others.

Yeah, I know… “But what if these seats end up going to Democrats?”

So what! Seriously, so what!? I’ve had it with the same crew in the House and Senate from our own party who are always happy to fire the spoiler and act like we should be grateful to them for it! I would rather have ten good Republicans than fifty worthless ones!

I’m especially fed up with my fellow conservatives feeling like they have to flirt with the idea of a “third party” because they’re so disgusted with moderate Republican sell-outs. This is our party! This party belongs to conservatives not moderate, centrist or liberal Republicans! Why should we give it up!? Let them go find another party instead of telling us that it is we who don’t belong. It has been conservatives who have given this party the biggest landslide victories in history and it is they, the “moderates”, who have brought nothing except defeat and embarrassment!

How dare they treat us like we are the intruders! In our own house! The Republican Party is ours and yet these spineless, self-serving press junkies have the nerve to use our label to get elected, then turn around and act like we are somehow offensive and embarrassing to them!
Well, there’s just something about an ingrate that I’ve always found nauseating!

The results of the past two elections are just as unsettling for me as they have been for every conservative. And I do get depressed when I consider the possibility that hardening the line on our own candidates could result in more victories for Democrats.

But I would burn my own house to the ground before I would hand it over to a few termites!

Moderates and centrists within our own party have indulged in our fear of becoming irrelevant in Congress. That is why they never go away. They believe that they, like termites, are so embedded in the structure that to remove them would cause irreparable damage…at least…that’s what they want us to believe. But with the party in their hands, our ‘relevance’ is entirely a matter of convenience. That, to me, is the same as being irrelevant.

Sneaking in as many phony, moderate Republicans as possible in order to secure a majority, as a strategy, has been done already and it resulted is our side compromising too many of our core principles.

I’m not saying go out and vote for some third party joker “on principle”. I’m saying, we must have our principles and insist on them! Our principles are predicated on the right to life, the right to private property including one’s income, the right to be free from intrusive and overreaching government and the right to self-defense. How much of that are you willing to compromise?

I say, none of it.

Reagan (peace be upon him) had many great quotes, but my personal favorite was when he said, “No one can kill Americans and brag about it”. In that spirit I say “No one back stabs our Republican Party and gets away with it.”