Tomorrow, March 14, Dan Crenshaw Will Be Old Enough To Run For PRESIDENT!

I think we can all agree that Trump has been a pleasant surprise to conservatives (I’m sure pretty much all of us had our well-founded doubts but he has exceeded everyone’s expectations).  However, if he decides that being Prez isn’t all its cracked up to be because of all the BS from the media and investigations from the Dems and just plain getting older, well, we now have yet another worthy prospect from Texas (apart from my fave Cruz) who is old enough to run for the office of President of the United States! Dan Crenshaw will be 35 years old tomorrow and, per Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution, he’ll be old enough to run for President!

He’d have Stormy Daniel’s vote since, according to SNL he looks like a sniper from a porn movie and I’m certain he’d have the Dems on the run because who wouldn’t run from a man who’d win a mono-to-mono eyeball staring contest with Nick Fury  . . . and he’s a Navy Seal to boot!

If Trump doesn’t run, I say we draft Crenshaw to run! Or better yet, a ticket of Cruz-Crenshaw! If you have a twitter account, you should pop over to Crenshaw’s page and wish him a happy birthday tomorrow.