Democrat Apocalypse

Is the Democratic Party Dead or Dying?

  1. In 2018 Dems have to defend 25 Senate seats to 8 for Republicans and many of the Senate seats they’ll be defending are in states that Trump won by double digits.  Senator Manchin has even mused about possibly switching sides.  It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that in 2018 the GOP could control a filibuster proof majority in the Senate.
  2. The GOP will definitely determine the next SCOTUS justice when Scalia’s replacement is nominated and possibly an additional 1 to 3 SCOTUS justices creating a 5-4 to 7-2 conservative majority with no Anthony Kennedy swinging to the left on social issues. The Democrats once abandoned God in their Party Platform but it seems to me a few are going to want to start praying to Him to keep the Notorius RBG and Breyer alive and kickin’.
  3. There are 102 vacancies on the federal bench (there are 58 nominees pending but now that Trump’s President-elect they’re as good as dead in the GOP controlled Senate) with more to come.  Since Reid invoked the nuclear option and destroyed the filibuster for appointments (save the SCOTUS) there’s nothing to stop the GOP from immediately filing those seats.
  4. The GOP controls 68 out of 99 state legislative chambers and has full control over 33 out of 50.   Assuming the GOP can protect this lead, this will give the GOP a distinct advantage in redistricting after the 2020 census, not to mention greater empowerment of the states once the new SCOTUS asserts a more vigorous defense of federalism.
  5. The GOP controls 33 out of 50 governorships.  The NC race is still uncalled, and if McCrory keeps it then the GOP will have 34 of 50.  This and GOP control of most of the legislative chambers will yield more voter ID laws, paring down of voter rolls as they weed out non-citizens and felons.
  6. As evident by the robust roster of candidates for the POTUS primary on the GOP side the GOP has a deep and diverse bench.  The Dems ran 3 old white people in the primaries and there’s no clear front-runner for 2020.
  7. The Dems are deeply divided between the extreme left wing of the Party represented by Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren and the Establishment.
  8. The Dems still have the MSM and Hollywood, but Wikileaks pulled back the curtain on how the MSM’s so-called journalists are merely servile henchmen of the Dem Establishment.

The main things that the Dems have going for them are:

  • We’ve got a President named Trump (and all the baggage that comes with that).
  • They won a plurality of the national popular vote.  But that’s like a team bragging about the total yards they gained in a football game when the other team soundly trounced them on the scoreboard.
  • Republicans, being in control of all of the branches of government, will now have to demonstrate that they can actually accomplish something for our nation — and that’s by no means a given.  When 2018 and 2020 role around the GOP will be in the position of having to defend what it’s done for the American people.  That’s no small problem (seeing as usually the President’s party will lose seats in the midterms) but not an insurmountable one.

I think I’ll need to stock up on more popcorn.