Palestinian statehood bid? Or Obama election play?

On September 13, 2011, Democrats got shellacked in NY-9 and lost that seat for the first time in almost 90 years in large part because orthodox Jews, who make up a large part of Brooklyn, voted against Dems as a protest against Obama’s policies on Israel and the issue of Palestine.

Move forward by a week and we see the Palestinians pressing for a vote on recognizing statehood for Palestine!  Imagine that.  Naturally, Obama states that the US will veto any such vote and the media paint him as Israel’s friend.

Obama cannot have orchestrated it much better – he looks like Israel’s friend despite three years of anti-Israel policy.  Further, if Obama hasn’t made it clear that he’s Israel’s friend then he’s made it clear that they don’t want him as their enemy.

Imagine this – you wake up one beautiful morning, your mind clearing, the clouds parting, it’s the day after election day and our national nightmare is over and Obama has been defeated.  You turn on the news that morning to revel in our national celebration, but the first item you hear is that Abbas has petitioned the UN for a vote on Palestinian statehood again and the vote will be in a couple days (as this recent petition shows, it only requires a minimal notice before a vote may be had).  A little while later Obama gives a speech and announces that his administration will not veto the vote this time around. The UN, without our opposition, votes in favor of Palestinian statehood and, if Israel won’t agree, then it may try to impose what it determines the boundaries are upon Israel through sanctions or, G_d forbid, military action.

Basically, the tandem of the Palestinian petition and Obama’s veto threat send a clear signal to Jewish voters that, win-or-lose, if there is insufficient support of Obama by Jewish voters and he loses swing states such as Pennsylvania and Florida, then his administration has plenty of time to cause havoc for Israel in the UN before he leaves office.  After all, at the beginning of his presidency he called the Israeli settlements “illegitimate” and just last year he stated that there would be a Palestinian state established within one year. What makes anyone believe he’s changed his mind since then?