MSM's Game: What Party Am I?

Let’s see, politician does something stupid or deceitful -or in this case both.  However, the news articles in local and national news sources don’t identify the politician’s political affiliation.  Is he an independent then?  Will the readers be left to their own prejudices to read-into which party he belongs to?  Is his party affiliation a deep hush-hush state secret that reporter could not discover after many intensive hours of searching?  Nope.  Just another democrat who lied but the MSM can’t manage to put a (D) next to his name – or anywhere else in the story.

Oh,what did the Democrat actually do?  He claimed on his bio that he played for three years for the Dallas Cowboys.  Only problem is, the Cowboys have never heard of the guy before.  Now he’s backtracking saying that he went to a camp but was cut by them.  Ask the Cowboys: “We have no record of him playing for the Dallas Cowboys,” team spokesperson Jancy Briles told me. Briles looked through NFL databases and couldn’t find a single reference to Vaughn as a player, either.