A Tough (Anti-)Choice

A good friend sent this to me a little while ago that I think captures what a lot of independents will be thinking when they go into the voting booth.

For the first time in my life, today I voted Republican in a Presidential race. I wish I could say that it was a vote FOR a particular candidate… unfortunately, it was simply a vote AGAINST his opponent.

As most of you know, for the past 18 months I have struggled to align myself behind a candidate on any number of issues. On some, I agree more with McCain’s position; on others, I agree with Obama; on several, I agree with neither.

It finally came down to a few simple issues for me —

Obama doesn’t support a ban on partial-birth abortion. I’ve always felt that whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, partial-birth abortions are simply cruel and indefensible.

Obama (and many Democrats before the DNC took place) politicized the removal of troops from Iraq. I have never been convinced that focusing on Iraq was the best course of action in the beginning, especially without more support from Congress and our allies. However, the Democrats tried to leap-frog each other during the debates by promising to remove troops the fastest — without consulting military leaders on the ground, I might add — simply to pander to voters who oppose the war. That made me sick.

Lastly, Obama lacks integrity, in my opinion. Yes, he’s eloquent. Yes, he seems very “Presidential”. But, based on his voting record, I just don’t fully trust him to lead this country with honor and character. I think he would surround himself with too many influential people and end up following the fickle political winds, rather than set a course and simply BE A LEADER.

Now, I still have serious concerns about the McCain/Palin ticket. Is he too old? Is she ready? Would they get all “mavericky” and further tarnish our international image?

Who knows? Personally, I’ll take my chances.