AR15.com generates over $68,000 for McCain campaign after Palin pick

AR15.com, a pro-2nd Amendment website has generated over $68,000 since Friday in response to Senator McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin as his Vice-Presidential candidate. The community as a whole is energized about the decision, being similarly concerned about Senator Obama’s far left views on 2nd Amendment rights. Senator Obama’s statement that the 2nd Amendment is an individual right is an attempt at appeasing those who believe that the Bill of Rights means exactly what it says, but his stance and voting record on gun rights issues clearly shows his Anti-2A position.

For more information on the efforts of AR15.com, check this thread.

Politicians should take heed… Gun owners and “EBR” rifle fans are a significant voting contingent. Gun owners throughout the US applaud the pick of Governor Palin for VP.


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