The Executive Order Has Been Signed, With No Media Present

The most transparent administration ever!!!11one!1!one!11! The Obama administration made good on it’s promise of an Executive Order prohibiting federal funds for abortion today, with no media present.

The Obama White House did not allow the press to cover the president’s signing of the executive order created to win Rep. Bart Stupak’s vote for Obamacare. At the daily briefing, reporters wanted to know why no press photographer or reporter was allowed in. Press secretary Robert Gibbs told them they should be happy with a picture from the White House photographer, Pete Souza — a photo produced and selected by the White House. It will be a “nice picture,” Gibbs assured reporters.

Good ‘ol Bobby Gibbs tried his best to explain to the press corpse corps why the Executive order was needed, and why they weren’t allowed to witness it. Don’t forget this is the most transparent administration ever!!11!!one!1!!

(video here. I tried to embed, but for some reason it wouldn’t. It embedded fine on my site, don’t know what went wrong.)

Why were they grilling Gibbs on the necessity of the Executive Order? Remember back to September of last year when Obama addressed a joint session of Congress. Yeah, that speech when Joe Wilson loudly (and truthfully) yelled “you lie”. Listen toward the end of this clip, and listen to him vehemently deny that Obamacare covers abortion.

So what was the purpose of an Executive Order? It appears that Obama signed an order today that admitted he lied to the country in September. You would think that Obama could find a Press Secretary that could lie on a similar level as him and the rest of his staff.