Did I Miss a Civil War?

I have heard much ado today about NY-23 being won by a democrat for the first time since the “Civil War”. Here is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi parroting this talking point.

CNN got into the game on it’s website saying:

National Democrats, smarting over gubernatorial losses in New Jersey and Virginia, seized on the win, with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine dubbing it “perhaps the most consequential race of the night.”

“This race turned out to be the worst of all possible worlds for Republicans as not only did the Democrat, Bill Owens, win a seat that Democrats have not held in more than 100 years, but what occurred in New York has exposed a war within the Republican Party that will not soon end,” said Kaine.

This seems as if it would be a big blow to the Republican party to forfiet a seat that it has held since the Civil War. Problem is according to Wikipedia the seat was last held by Democrats from January 3, 1979 up until January 3, 1993. I was only 17 years old in 1992. Sure I was a snot-nosed little punk that thought he owned the world, but I sure don’t remember a “civil war” going on in our country. I know there are some older Red State members here who have a better grasp of history than I do, so maybe one of you could enlighten me as to the “civil war” that happened around 1992 A.D. that I seemed to have missed.