Finally.... Change We CAN Believe In

As President Barack Obama navigated the campaign trail last year, he relied heavily on being the candidate of change. Constantly touting “change you can believe in.” Being given the luxury of a complacent media and a majority of the electorate that bought into his notion of “change”, we are now in the eighth month of Obama’s presidency. Many events have occurred during the past 7+ months that have left the American people wondering “where is that change we can believe in?” Rasmussen is reporting that the president’s overall approval rating is 47% with 28% strongly approving and 39% strongly disapproving. Seems as if the “change we can believe in” is apparently absent.

Last night, I spent the evening at my neighbor’s house watching a dismal performance by the Boston Red Sox. I have lived next door to this guy for about 2 years now. We have become pretty good friends during that time. Our conversation is usually confined to sports, our families, and the events of our small community. We have never spoken of politics. As we sat in his living room last night, he looked at me and asked “what do you think of President Obama?” I told him that I hoped he would not view me any differently, but I am a Republican and I disapprove of virtualy everything that President Obama has done. He went on to tell me that he had never paid attention to politics and confessed that he had never voted. While I was not suprised that he paid no attention to politics, I was amazed that he had never voted. As the conversation progressed he told me that he was very scared of the direction of our country, and that he had attended a small tea party. He said that he had started talking with his other friends about politics and encouraging them to become active. This friend of mine that had never had interest in politics was waking up and becoming active.

It appears that President Obama IS giving us CHANGE. People across the country are starting to wake up and speak out. The Tea Parties and Town Halls have shown us that people are no longer willing to sit quietly and watch our country be run into the ground by progressives in Washington.

We have seen a whole new wave of people actively voicing their concerns about the state of our country. The above videos show the outrage over a government takeover of healthcare, and If I spent about another 30 seconds I could fill the page with videos of people angry about the stimulus package voicing their concerns at tax tay tea parties. People accross the nation who never wanted to be political activists are starting to grab the posterboard and a marker, make a sign, and go to protest this administration and their attempted destruction of the Greatest Country in the World.

Thank you President Obama. You have polarized a nation, and in doing so you have shown me “Change I Can Believe In!!!!”