Law enforcement in San Diego County and Education in California.

One of my guiding principles come election time was summed up best By Robert HeinleinThere’s not always someone to vote for, but there’s always someone to vote against.

Speaking of San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore…

  • The appointed incumbent, Gore is endorsed by former Sheriff Bill Kolender,  D.A Bonnie Dumanis, and most of the political establishment.
  • He has outspent his two opponents combined by a 4-1 ratio.
  • Gore is the only candidate to oppose Arizona SB 1070.
  • Unlike the other two candidates, he favors restricting concealed carry permits.
    That may be why the NRA has come out against Gore.
  • His supporters recently ousted the Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County board president, Deputy Ernie Carrillo for supporting sheriff Jim Duffy.
  • He also seems to have the backing of the Gay and Lesbian community.
  • Sheriff Jim Duffy is endorsed by most of the law enforcement unions.
  • Duffy has made under-utilization of county jails by the incumbent a campaign issue.
  • Former undersheriff Jay LaSuer is endorsed by  Duncan Hunter Junior and Senior and Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio among others.
  • Both endorse SB 1070 (Duffy somewhat tentatively) and fewer restrictions on concealed carry permits.
  • I think either Duffy or LaSeur would be a good vote. I’m going with LeSeur.

    In the ‘non-partisan’ race for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, it is currently a three way race between the bureaucrats’ candidate Larry Aceves, the CTA candidate Tom Torlakson and State Senator Gloria Romero. All three are Democrats-the GOP doesn’t have a serious candidate in this race. Romero has shown a willingness to annoy the unions in the past (both on education and the corrections system) and seems genuinely interested in reform. And by reform, I mean improving the educational system, not Leftist ‘reform’ which translates to increased bureaucracy and governmental control. Plus the CTA hates her.

    I’m voting for Romero. She’ll be the second Democrat I’ve voted for since I’ve been old enough to do so.