The Amnesty Litmus Test

Quick thoughts from my iPad at 30,000 feet. Please excuse typos.

I am getting tired of this amnesty disqualifier.  I see no one calling to deport 11-12 million people yet those who might let them stay even with no citizenship and penalties are supposedly for amnesty.

The  hardliners say we do nothing until border is secure. Fair enough…but a cop out. Sadly, I think we can all agree that with executive branch elections every four years we can all agree that the border will NEVER be secure to our liking. So what’s the answer?  As my teenage kids say…. IDK. But it’s likely not sending them all back and it’s surely not declaring them citizens.   But the idea that they might stay with no citizenship, few if any benefits and no voting rights should not, in my opinion makes us DQ a republican candidate.


Discussion on this topic would be great in my opinion.