I blame Coulter, Drudge and Rubin

Jennifer Rubin, Drudge and Ann Coulter are idiots. They were all in the bag for Romney from day 1 of the primaries. I get that my man, Newt, was a highly flawed candidate in many, many ways. But you know what? He would have done better than Romney. Maybe he wouldn’t have won…but he could have articulated a clear position that was diametrically opposed to Obama. He could have made people understand the values behind conservatism. He could have gotten twice the Hispanic vote that Romney got. Women would have still been a problem for him for entirely different reasons. But that Hispanic vote would have won VA, CO and FL. The Ohio problem could have been solved by picking Portman but Ryan energized the base more so probably no difference. Newt would have taken the fight TO Obama instead of letting him set the agenda. Newt would have stood up and said this war on women thing is total BS and would have taken Obama down completely on Libya. Newt would have ripped Candy Crowley a new one for her comment in 2nd debate…would have been a new Juan Williams moment for him. This media spin that party is too far right? exhibit A being Akin and Murdock is also BS. Republicans can be against Abortion and want fewer and more difficult abortions that are not taxpayer funded, but for God sakes, shut the heck up about rape!!! Our liberal candidates lost too in the senate, Scott Brown was practically a democrat anyway, Tommy Thompson and George Allen are ridiculous, Bush Clone, Big Government Republicans. We need to march forward. CONSERVATIVE PRINCIPLES need to lead the day. Hard work, individual responsibility, limited government, responsible spending, strong defense, leadership in foreign affairs, and a clear explanation once and for all that tax cuts DO NOT MEAN LESS REVENUE and therefore need to be paid for…tax increases should need to be paid for. Let’s make a model for that.

We are no worse off today than we were a few days ago. Let’s stay committed to our principles find some good candidates and get this thing fixed and turned around!