Newt's Strategy

I’m sitting here watching the MSM go crazy about Newt staying in the race. How it helps Romney, makes no sense and he has no chance at the nomination etc. It is making me crazy!

I think Newt’s strategy is clear and totally plausible. He stays in race, hangs close enough with Rick S on delegates and Mittens does not get what he needs. Mitt may well drop out before Tampa when this becomes obvious to avoid going into Tampa the delagate leader and not getting nomination. Assuming this happens and Mitt has not reached the number, Newt can be third to Rick S and easily get the nomination.

When it comes to the debate between Rick and Newt, with a crippled Romney, the obvious solution short of a new candidate will be a Newt/Rick ticket. This will easily pass at the convention. Most would agree, despite Rick perhaps being ahead in delegates that Newt belongs at the top of the ticket. Next, I think given the degree of change he wants, Newt would agree to a one term pledge, leaving the stage to Rick S in the future.

I think it is remarkable that the MSM can not see this as the clear path for Newt. In my opinion he does not have to pass Rick S in delegate count, just be sure Mitt doesn’t get there and then he is there to put Rick over the top with Newt at the top of the ticket for one term and Rick as veep. This is the answer, for all of us.

We would get a smart, change agent and then a long term solution in Rick S.

If Newt delivers on the massive change he seeks, a one term pledge is the answer and Rick as a a one term understudy would be seen as a highly viable solution to the delegates.

Why do none of the MSM see this path. The key is Romney is out. This is all that matters for Newt. Newt is in the mix when Romney fails and frankly better positioned for a floor vote Winn than Rick.