Newt and Rick……there is little doubt, that in order to stop Romney, one needs to get out of the race.  From my perspective, Newt has more experience, is more dynamic, has more specific ideas and is a better match up against Obama.  My feelings are clearly not shared by all conservatives as Santorum is getting more votes than Newt in most states at the moment.

I propose that the two campaigns get together and agree on a “Runoff”  They would designate the next 2 contests as a conservative runoff between them and would agree to a debate or two in that time and would further agree that the loser would drop out and support the other.  It would be a classic let the best men win situation between two friendly rivals.    For 2 weeks or so they could focus on each other and making the subtle distinctions between their individual policy plans.

The media would love it and it would take attention from Romney for a few weeks focusing the campaign on these two candidates.

Newt is a creative and Bold man, why not try this approach?