Rick S Campaign...a short note for you

I think Rick is great.
Really strong candidate.  Not a
perfect candidate, none are.  Problem is
I think Newt is just a stronger candidate this time around and he has gotten
both my money and my time.  One of the
two really needs to get out or we will all lose by nominating a very liberal Republican who
can’t beat Obama.  As it stands Rick has
less delegates and is well behind in the polls.
If anyone is to get out of the race, it seems like it should be Rick.  Like I said, Rick is great and if we do end
up with Romney and ending up losing, I’m sure Rick will be a first choice
candidate for me in 4 years, but just doesn’t seem like now is the time for him.  If we can win he will surely get a nice roll
in a Gingrich or Romney administration.
This needs to be a 2 man race or we have no chance.  Respectfully,  I am begging you Rick to do the right thing
for conservatism and step aside.  Your
future is brighter that way from where I sit.