The Lies End in Florida

Is it me or does there seem to be a bit of a backlash in Florida the last 24 hours or so against the Romney lies, distortions and his trying to buy the nomination?  A few polls that include Sunday, seem to show the race tightening and there has been some press on this today.  Not sure it will be enough to overcome the damage to Newt by the coordinated attacks from Drudge, the MSM, Romney and his PAC, but I sense movement.

If Newt can survive tomorrow, even with a less than devastating loss, I think this goes forward.  The lies from Romney are beginning to be seen through, I think at least.  I doubt they work in too many more states.    Honestly, Newt is the candidate that can speak to the people, in plain English about the differences between the Obama philosophy and the fundamental conservative philosophy.  he has the ability to change peoples minds and get them to see the light.  I do not feel Romney can do this.  His convictions are not strong enough.

Don’t get me wrong, despite my harsh language directed at his primary campaign, my support for Romney will be 100% should he win this primary and I will write equally strong diaries supporting him versus Obama, but as one who had his first introduction to politics learning under Jack Kemp during the ’88 presidential campaign, I know that Newt can take the message to the people and CHANGE MINDS better than Mitt and change the minds of voting blocks long entrenched with voting democrat.  Therefore, he has my unwavering support as the candidate with the vision to get this done.

No matter the outcome tomorrow, the lies end in Florida.