A letter to the Romney Florida Base...

I think you are selling Newt short.  There is no candidate who can better articulate conservative principles like individual responsibility, getting government out of the way, lower taxes and liberty than Newt.  Is he a perfect vessel? No he is not.  He is a flawed human being like all of us.  However he has made his peace with God and is a new creation according to the Bible.

The Fannie freddie stuff Mitt relies on is nonsense.  The man had a right to make a living and as the Crisis was on the horizon he was urging congress to stop backing them.  Romney made  millions investing in Fannie Freddie too and further owned a company that defrauded Medicare.  The man is a serial liar and does not show signs of repenting as Newt did.  He lies about Newt being found “guilty of ethics charges” multiple times a day when he knows darn well Newt was cleared of all charges.

As for space, we should be a country focused on being first and the leader in space.  Space will likely be a critical area for national defense in the next generations and we lose sight of that at our own peril.  Mitt has NO plan at all for space – nothing, nada.  Newt has said he wants to shrink the government to meet the revenue not the grow the revenue to keep up with the government.  Given that core principal, I trust his space expenditures will be limited and valid and primarily privately funded.

This is a spiritually changed man, who for decades has been a strong conservative, of course he has occasionally had variances but those are minimal compared to Romney who was not even a republican 20 years ago when Newt was building a conservative revolution in congress.

Newt will exceed his polling in Florida and it will be a tighter race, Newt will be ahead by the time super Tuesday has passed and then be able to focus his efforts on Obama.

Current polling suggest Romney has a better chance to beat Obama but this is way to far out to be reliable.  Romeny will be trashed by Obama and does not have the conservative backbone that Newt does to fight back with any sort of believable case.  Newt on the other hand will be able to fight Obama on principle and slowly change minds through his articulate and sensible conservative views.  By late fall he will be far better positioned to win than Romney would.