Rush Nailed it.... (re: Newt)

Rush just said “Newt stands for an IDEAL, Mitt stands for getting himself elected”

This sums it up well.  Newt stands for conservative principles of smaller government, individual freedom, individual responsibility, pro life principles, Christian values and freedom (even if he is not a perfect model).  Mitt repeatedly will say anything to get elected, just look at how he distanced himself from RR in his prior elections, and how he changes his positions to suit the election he is trying to win.

Newt is principled and yes, grandiose at times, but grounded always in conservative principles.  Romney has pulled out all the stops, including blatant lies and misrepresentations to try and win Florida.

Newt needs to SLAM him tonight, much as he will SLAM Obama in debates this fall.  Show the people why we need a principled fighter not an unprincipled moderate to have any chance to beat Obama.