It's Not An Attack on Capitalism

Newt needs to stand up and state very clearly for the media, that this Bain business is NOT an attack on capitalism. It is an attack on the ethics, character and decision making of a man who wants to be President. Just like Newt must answer for every vote he has cast in his career, so must Mitt answer for the decisions he made, especially since Mitt made his job creation skills an issue.

Newt must be clear once and for all that he is a free market capitalist in every way. This is about Romney and his character and ethics. It certainly sounds like, in at least a couple of Bains many deals, that those ethics may have been lacking. If that is the case Romney owes the people a defense of his actions or an admission of poor decision making.

Conservatives like Rush need to realize that this is about one man and his ethics and mindset NOT an attack from the left as he has so often claimed.