BO Birth Certificate Issue: I Don't Get It

Is our Constitution really not important to them?

This is a very strange issue. It could be put to rest so easily by BO by just producing the original and the issue is over. The only reason I can think of not to produce it, is it does not exist. This, by itself, does not mean he is not qualified to be president it just means like many of us he has lost or misplaced his original birth certificate.

But either way, he needs to offer some definitive proof that he is constitutionally qualified before the Electoral College meets. Why does he need to stall and evade? Just admit the truth and prove his citizenship some other way – unless maybe, just maybe, he can’t.

I cannot fathom why the media will not report on this subject – last I heard that were dozens of lawsuits going on yet no mainstream media coverage. Go figure.

BO may rewrite the Constitution before he ever takes office. Frightening.