Momentum. It Could Start With Virginia

Help!!! Virginia is in danger of making a habit of being a blue state.The political calendar is pretty light in 2009 but Virginia will provide one of the first referendums on the BO presidency. In November 2009 Virginia can reclaim its rightful place as a Red State (without even a shade of purple) by electing a solid conservative Bob McDonnell as Governor.

The democratic field is wide open but may not be for long – former Clinton hack Terry McAuliffe is talking a big game and touring the state telling everyone about all the money he has and why that makes him the best candidate to run the state. He is apparently also insinuating that if he wins the primary, some of his fortune will go to help democratic delegates in their races. The Virginian-Pilot called this a not –so- subtle quid pro quo.

The problem is, that the guy really does have the cash to back up his claim and with his name recognition and ability to spin until the cows come home this guy would be a formidable opponent for an attorney general with nowhere near the same level of name recognition.

My plea to conservatives nationwide is to start discussing the Virginia race. Talk up the importance of a republican win in the first year of the BO presidency – in a state that voted for him. This race needs publicity and Bob McDonnell needs our support both with our $ and with our voices.

Winning Virginia in 2009, builds key momentum for the midterm elections in 2010.