Winning the Idea's Game

21 months. Thats right 21 months until Labor Day 2010 when the mid-term election season will kick in with national media coverage. Conservatives need to redouble our efforts to win the battle of ideas in the trenches between now and then.

We can start (restart) a movement here folks. No matter who we are or where we live or work, there are battles of ideas to be waged. We are all on the team and we are all to be held accountable for the results in 23 months when the votes have been cast.

But to win, we need to engage. Engage at home with your kids and spouse. Engage with your neighbors. Engage with your co-workers. Engage with your Church, with your golfing (or hunting or fishing) buddies. Engage with your weekly card game. Engage strangers on airplanes and in taxis when you travel.

Engage how? Thoughtfully. Passionatley. Relenlessly. Remind folks of the things we stand for like small government, lower taxes, strong defense, God, free speech, free markets and empowering people not government. When Obama goes against these values as he will at almost every turn, speak. Be that voice in the wilderness and try and get into a few peoples heads.

If a few million of us can be passionate in the trenches, I know we can each change a few minds with our ideas over the next 23 months. Do the math folks. If just a million conservatives took up this challenge and if each of us could change the opinions of just 3 or 4 people in the next 23 months then we have a net gain that can make a huge difference in the mid-term elections.

You are all on the clock. How many minds can you change in the next 23 months? I think if we focus on the bedrock principles and keep it simple like Reagen did we change the minds of more like 10 peaople each – in fact, this might be a landslide in 2010. Let’s do this thing.