I would love President George W Bush campaign for Romney

Before people get worked up by the title of the diary, let us see if the benefits outweigh the costs

First the Cons

Obama has spent the last 3 1/2 years blaming Bush. He attributes the lack of economic growth to Bush. So with Bush campaigning, the MSM would continue this BS story. Yes I get it.


Now to the Pros

With Bush on the campaign trail, we would see a resurgence of American exceptionalism. Who better to lend a voice in this dangerous world than President Bush. Bush could easily articulate the tools he had left for Obama to nail Osama Bin laden. Obama’s so called foreign policy success would be obliterated when Bush clearly articulates the programs he had put in place for the next president and excoriates the apologizing tours.

Bush had/has a stronger favorability with the Latinos. If Bush could get another 3-5% of the latinos in the Swing states, Romney could happily sit pretty.

Bush’s strong religious conservative ideals could re-energize the social conservatives. The fiscal conservatives/Tea party conservatives may loathe Bush but we can live with that as our bigger goal is to get rid of Obama.

Bush has remained completely non critical of the current president and has proven to be a leader above mundane stuff. His campaigning now could boost the credibility of the Romney campaign.


Considering the pros and cons, shouldn’t the RNC rope in Bus to actively campaign for Romney ? With or without Bush, Obama will be blaming Bush for Obama’s failures. So why bother about this one problem and instead look at the benefits ? I am advocating for Bush to campaign as that would re-energize the base and I don’t see Romney picking a strong conservative VP or doing/saying anything that would excite the base.

I am one of those conservatives who is willing to vote for Romney but not spend/work for the Romney campaign at least for now