Conservative view on offshoring Hi-Tech high paying jobs

I am trying to understand the conservatives’ opinions on the offshoring of High tech jobs to places like India. Please note these high tech jobs like Software Engineering and design are high paying jobs ($80K – $150K) and not some call center jobs. For the last decade or so, the US Chamber of commerce has been constantly claiming shortage of skills and has been importing foreign labor on visas such as H1B and L1. As conservatives, do we continue supporting a company’s right to hire anyone anywhere ? The key fact here is that most of the imported foreign labor is paid half the normal market wages due to their visas status.The proof is in the fact that the Indian body shopping companies are multi billion dollar businesses that continue feeding cheap 3rd world bodies.


Now dont confuse these people on H1B / L1 visas with the mexican (il)legal immigrants because these people take over high paying jobs. So what should be our response on this ?