Lets focus on down ticket races

As an ardent Tea Partier in CA, it pains me to write this diary. In the presidential race, I will do my part voting for our nominee (holding my nose) but would play a more active role in the down ticket races to increase Conservative not RINO members in Congress. As each day passes, I am feeling more and more that we would have a bruised Romney or Santorum against a well oiled Obama machinery. Here are my reasons for the decision:

1. Romney will have NO credible and differentiating platform of issues to run against Obama. (HealthCare, Religion, Reaching out to the common voter are off the table).  All we are left with are the economy and Gas prices. Economy now seems to be a weaker argument to run on and campaigning on gas prices is the riskiest if not a Hail Mary strategy.

2. Santorum would be an awesome Social conservative candidate but may not be able to build a national organization in a short span of time post June if not September. In addition, his policy on manufacturing flies against our core principle of not wanting Government to pick winners and losers. Remember, if he is the nominee, he would not only have to fight the Obama machine but also the establishment. It would be tough for him pre and post elections and we would only set him up for failure.

3. Gingrich is a very good fiscal conservative with all the experience and successful record to showcase. He has a far tougher task against the establishment than Santorum has. Remember, most in the establishment dont want to deal with him. In addition, his main plank of $2.5/gallon gas is fundamentally flawed, populist and flies in the face of rational intelligence. I am not even going into his personal baggage which, in my opinion, is a sideshow that can definitely not help him.

I would suggest that we let the establishment have its candidate this presidential election cycle. Since the odds of failure are getting higher, let them take the hit. In the meantime, let us fortify Congress with conservative members so that we dont get let down by the likes of Boehner and McConnell. This would ensure that Obama would not ram down his liberal agenda.  I may sound like I am giving up but I am being practical here. As I said earlier, it pains me to write this diary