Complaining about the NSA? What about the Income Tax?

Currently, one of the largest political arguments is NSA data mining telephone records and Internet data capture. The perception of a lack of privacy of our electronic communications is a major complaint. Yet every day millions of American citizens report to the federal government where they work and how much money they make.

It is my opinion that if you don’t argue against the Income Tax and complain against the Income Tax, and vote against the Income Tax, that you have no bonafides to complain about the actions of the NSA. You are used to the Income Tax, it has been law for a long time. That doesn’t make it right. The Income Tax should be more of a concern to you than anything the NSA is doing.

The federal government requires that you report every year where you work and how much money you are paid. This is private information. They use this information against us by separating us into groups and playing us against each other politically. Also, it is too easy for the average citizen to make a mistake in reporting income or deductions and thereby becoming a criminal.

The federal government does not need to know where I work and how much money I make. They can get money from other places than confiscating my pay. The Far Tax is a very nice option. It does many things. It abolishes the IRS, you get to keep your entire paycheck, you even get a prebate check at the beginning of each month to reimburse you for the tax you pay on the essentials of life.

Some people call the Fair Tax a sales tax, it is not a sales tax. Sales taxes are quoted exclusively. The Fair Tax is quoted inclusively, and is included in the price of goods and services by the retailer. In other words, you won’t see the Fair Tax on your sales receipt. I like to call the Fair Tax a consumption tax.

Some people say that the Fair Tax will raise the price of the goods and services that you purchase. That is not necessarily true. All of the businesses along the manufacturing process will no longer pay the Income Tax, so prices will go down, and then back up because of the Fair Tax. The embedded Income Taxes that are in the price of everything you buy will be replaced by the Fair Tax.

In my mind, the best thing about the Fair Tax is that it gives me back my privacy. No April the 15th, no W2 forms, or 1040 forms, and no political posturing based on income levels. A citizen should be treated as a citizen, no matter where he works, or how much money he makes.

Read the bill: HR25, visit the website: http://fairtax.org


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