Oh, so now it's OK to call him Barack Hussein Obama?

Brace yourselves for what is coming.

One CNN contributor just said (paraphrase):

I can now say what I couldn’t say before. We haven’t just elected a black president. We have elected a black president whose middle name is HUSSEIN. I just got a fax this morning from somebody in Afghanistan who said, We are all smiling down here. The Taliban are smiling because they say, Now we have somebody we will be able to talk to.

That is supposed to be good news? The Taliban are one of the most radical Islamic groups in history; a terrorist group that tortures and kills for departing one iota from Sharia Law; one that considers anybody who is not Muslim an infidel worthy of death.

It is evident that left-wing activists do not understand radical Islam. They are clueless about terrorism. Like the president they elected, all they can do is protest wars, because their war phobia does not allow them to strategize effectively in wartime. Proof of that was this man’s contradictory statement in the next segment, where he said he expected Obama to be “conservative” in his handling of foreign policy.

Following this brilliant discourse, I was surprised to hear a second contributor use Obama’s middle name too, something I myself never did during the presidential campaign in the spirit of fairness to Obama. However, it appears to be that the intellectual left want America to start getting used to Obama’s middle name, because they know it is an integral element of his identity, and they want the “common folk” to embrace it.

Listen to it and listen to it often, until it doesn’t bother you any longer.”I promise you we’ll get there,” as Obama said about his now eight-term? vision.