What One Foreign Student Did to America

I am going to say something that is so politically incorrect. Most people on this blog are aware of the negative effects of illegal immigration. But there is another maybe more insidious form of immigration or temporary residence that takes place via student or visiting-faculty visas.

After 9/11 students entering the States became an important consideration, but only as it related to potential terrorists from abroad who could slip in to perpetrate attacks on American soil. However,to my knowledge, no mention has ever been made of students or faculty with radical agendas who come from abroad to indoctrinate Americans (or to get a degree that helps them advance their radical agenda in their own countries). These are generally very brilliant people who are either economically disadvantaged, and/or who have powerful political godfathers in their home country with connections to the radical left in the States.

Barack Obama, Sr was an outstanding Kenyan student who came to the United States on a government scholarship. He planted a seed in America, a very evil one. He then went back to Kenya, where he held high-profile government jobs, until he confronted his benefactor with a paper entitled “Problems Facing Our Socialism.” I found a summary of the paper’s main points. Here are two:

The question is how are we going to remove the disparities in our country such as the concentration of economic power in Asian and European hands…

Certainly there is no limit to taxation if the benefits derived from public services by society measure up to the cost in taxation which they have to pay. It is a fallacy to say that there is a limit and it is a fallacy to rely mainly on the individual free enterprise to get the savings. How are we going to rid ourselves of economic power concentration when we, in our blueprint, tend towards what we ourselves discredit… Marx even called it finance capitalism by which a few would control the finances of so many and through this have not only economic power but political power as well.

Does all this sound familiar? What these words from Obama senior should proof to the undecided is that Obama is no liberal; he is no Pelosi/Reid a$$-kisser, although that would already disqualify him for the presidency. Obama is first and foremost his father’s son.

Here’s where the careless, unchecked handing out of visas to “brilliant” foreign students and scholars sponsored by liberal academia comes full circle. America has been suffering a radicalization process by the likes of Obama Senior for many years. True, Obama senior went back home, but not before causing irreparable damage to this country.