The Money-Laundering Model and Obama's Pandora's Box

Obama’s spending frenzy has gone uncensored by a main stream media obsessed with the $150,000 the RNC donated for Palin’s campaign wardrobe.

Lack of censorship has helped disguise an element of immorality in Obama’s campaign financing, evidenced in the initial trickery to get McCain to accept public funds, in the significant number of secret donations, and most importantly in the excessive advertising that seems to be literally buying this election for Obama.

In a recent interview with Chris Wallace, McCain voiced a concern many Americans share regarding yet one more evil that is spreading unbridled from Obama’s Pandora’s Box:

I mean, Senator Obama raised $150 million in — I understand, during the month of September, completely breaking whatever idea we had after Watergate to keep the costs and spending on campaigns under control — first time, first time since the Watergate scandal.

And finally, there’s $200 million of those campaign contributions — there’s no record. They’re not reported. You can report online now — $200 million that — that we don’t know where the money came from — a lot of strange things going on in this campaign. The American people should know where every penny came from. They know where every penny of my campaign contributions came from.”
This means that Obama’s secret donations alone far exceed the $84 million McCain got in public funds.

Looking at how Obama has conducted his campaign financing, I am reminded of the methods used by mafia kingpins to launder money. Here’s a short description of the money-laundering model:

In plain English, [money laundering] is making dirty money clean by concealing the true origin of the funds. The various strategems [sic] used to conceal the money and protect the illegal sources from which it is derived are commonly called money laundering.

For generations, organized criminals have owned or controlled cash-intensive businesses … primarily so that they can commingle receipts from those enterprises with cash generated by gambling, narcotics trafficking or loansharking. When illegal revenue is mixed with the legal, revenue agents are less likely to find evidence of tax evasion. With their illicit income laundered, the more sophisticated gangsters invest their funds in legitimate businesses and are then free to spend as lavishly as they can afford on material pleasures. Sometimes they are even able to buy respectability and thus mingle with the social elite and public officials of the highest rank, their friends often having no hint of the true source of their wealth.

It appears that Obama will get away with his immoral excess. He probably sleeps soundly on his lawyer-savvy pillow. Immoral individuals are particularly adept at beating a democratic system. For Americans who feel outraged at this comparison, I remain unapologetic; my outrage matches yours. My guess, however, is that if you are voting for Obama you could care less. Somewhere along the long line of misdeeds and misleading rhetoric you lost your soul to Obama. Therein lies the effectiveness of the money-laundering model and Obama’s Pandora’s Box.