Latest Report from Obama´s Speech Therapist

Mr. Obama has shown some improvement in his ability to speak his thoughts without stammering or halting, especially since much of what he had to say during the last days on the campaign trail was repetitive.

However, Mr. Obama continues to falter when he speaks without a teleprompter, notwithstanding these past two years of intensive therapy. As stated in my previous reports, this is not a physical handicap, since he was extremely eloquent when allowed to read his speeches. Mr. Obama suffers from a speech disability that can best be described as an inability to “think quickly”. In said cases, the patient’s brain is unable to process complex ideas and give thorough responses with the ease evinced in adults who were able to automatize higher-order thinking skills at the appropriate developmental stages. This disability might have remained within the discrete confines of family and friends, had it not been for the distinct demands imposed by a presidential campaign.

Current therapy should be continued for an additional two months. Mr. Obama has agreed to undergo further testing in January 2009, to determine his eligibility for innovative therapy soon to be included in Vice President Sarah Palin’s new nationwide program for adults with special needs.