Copenhagen's Cannibals, the Death of Kyoto & the Inconvenience of Truth

Many have known for years that there is something fishy about the Al Gore-inspired industry known as “Global Warming, Inc.”  In fact, as the planet’s temperatures have decreased in recent years, the global warming hysterians have had to change their whole brand identification from that of global warming to “climate change,” while not changing their tactics at attempting to extort “developed nations” on behalf of developing nations.

Thanks to Al Gore, who can’t let a little thing like truth get in his way of becoming the world’s first environmental billionaire, the world is watching countries like the U.S. and those that make up the European Union scramble to find a way to squander their wealth, end their sovereignty and enslave their peoples to those “developing” countries deemed to be too poor in sound government, civility or the rule of law to manage themselves.

In sum, as ‘Climate Gate’ is only beginning to shed light on Al Gore and his pseudo-scientific, climate-controlling cronies want America to accept fraud as fact and to willingly pay for its own economic and national destruction.

Thankfully, as the Copenhagen con unfolds, bureaucrats the world over cannot seem to agree on how to destroy America…and at what price said destruction should come. 

According to news reports:
China, India and other developing nations boycotted U.N. climate talks on Monday, bringing negotiations to a halt with their demand that rich countries discuss much deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions.

Representatives from developing countries – a bloc of 135 nations – said they refused to participate in any formal working groups at the 192-nation summit until the issue was resolved.


“I don’t think the talks are falling apart, but we’re losing time,” said Kim Carstensen, of the World Wildlife Fund. The developing countries “are making a point.”

The dispute came as the conference entered its second week, and only days before over 100 world leaders including President Barack Obama were scheduled to arrive in Copenhagen.

“Nothing is happening at this moment,” Zia Hoque Mukta, a delegate from Bangladesh, told The Associated Press. He said developing countries have demanded that conference president Connie Hedegaard of Denmark bring the industrial nations’ emissions targets to the top of the agenda before talks can resume.

Poor countries, supported by China, say Hedegaard had raised suspicion that the conference was likely to kill the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which limited carbon emissions by wealthy countries and imposed penalties for failing to meet those targets.

Poor countries want to extend that treaty because it commits rich nations to emissions cuts and imposes penalties if they fall short. The United States withdrew from Kyoto over concerns that it would harm the U.S. economy and that China, India and other major greenhouse gas emitters were not required to take action.

“We are seeing the death of the Kyoto Protocol,” said Djemouai Kamel of Algeria, the head of the 50-nation Africa group.

It was the second time the Africans have disrupted the climate talks. At the last round of negotiations in November, the African bloc forced a one-day suspension until wealthy countries agreed to spell out what steps they will take to reduce emissions.

An African delegate said developing countries decided to block the negotiations at a meeting hours before the conference was to resume. He was speaking on condition of anonymity because the meeting was held behind closed doors. He said applause broke out every time China, India or another country supported the proposal to stall the talks.
Hope may be beginning to emerge that no agreement will be reached in Copenhagen and the enviro-phonies will leave Denmark with nothing but their proverbial diatribes in their hands.  For there is something truly unholy when other nations, as well as the present and former leaders of this nation, try to bring the best nation on earth to its knees to appease the equivalent of cannibals.

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