Obama's Poll Numbers Sink as Prez Pimps "Cash for Caulkers"

While White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs–either in a show of complete arrogance or idiocy–dismissed “the meaninglessness” of Gallup’s most recent job approval numbers (47%) for his boss, the Commander-of-the-Unemployed-in-Chief rolled out his “jobs” plan this morning calling for–you guessed it–more government spending (although he won’t put a price tag on it…yet).

Obama touted the success of his stimulus and economic recovery efforts so far this year and endorsed a series of new ideas, including tax cuts for small business, new infrastructure spending on highways, rail and other projects, and a so-called “cash for caulkers” program that would give rebates to people who retrofit their homes to be more energy efficient.

Obama’s remarks represent a sort of political doubling down on the idea of federal stimulus spending. Indeed many of the ideas he mentioned are extensions of or additional funding for, items that were included in his $787 billion stimulus package earlier in the year.

Apparently, other than a photo op, last weeks’ faux-jobs summit where it appeared only one businessman had the testicular testinal fortitude to tell the naked emperor the truth, was a big waste of time.

Meanwhile, it appears more and more Americans are catching on to the smoke and mirrors of “audacity.”

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