As most of you realize by now, Today’s decision regarding Obamacare has nothing to do with Constitutional law. Chief Justice Roberts had to do some creative thinking to declare that the penalty for not having health insurance is really a justifiable tax.

It’s pointless to analyze law to discover legal reasons for the decision. To get at the reason for the decision, you must know Washington itself. It’s the city and social climate here that are responsible for this bad ruling. The social pressure to be accepted as someone important governs the lives of most people here. Social pressure determines what cars people drive, what stores and restaurants they patronize what clothes they wear Social pressure also determines what ideas are politically correct. If you want to be accepted by people and have friends in this town, you must conform to the liberal status quo. That’s why there are so many RINOs here. We elect good people and send them to Washington; in the pernicious climate they eventually become part of the city’s social climate. They conform to local ideas and simply deceive their constituents about the legislation they are voting for.

After 30 years it was Justice Roberts big chance to stand out and join the Washington in crowd. He’s made himself their champion with his befuddled opinion. Now he’s finally welcome on the Georgetown party circuit. In Washington, that’s more important than right and wrong, honesty or deception, or anything most Americans value. That’s why it’s so important to elect fresh people to Congress.