Congressional Scams

One of the scams congress and their lobbyist friends dreamed up was to force us to buy gasoline that is ten percent ethanol. This drove up the price of corn and the price of wheat. It made the farmers rich and made the lobbyists rich. It lowered gas milage (without lowering the price of gas) in all gas operated vehicles; this drove up the price of everything else we buy that needs transportation. Congressmen and Senators got richer by demanding campaign contributions from lobbyists who wanted the bill passed. (when they retire they convert the money to their private use. It’s like a retirement fund for corrupt politicians.) This whole corrupt scam is the result of another money making propaganda scam that convinced people we are short of energy and need to take drastic injurious measures to solve the problem.

President Obama has added a new twist to the scam. He’s increased the amount of ethanol to fifteen percent. This not only lowers gas milage and power, it will damage engines. Car manufacturers have notified congress that they won’t honor car warranties in cars that have used the 15% ethanol solution. The new regulations also give Obama and congress a new way to fritter away more taxpayer dollars by giving grants and guaranteed loans to their friends who are in on the scam.

Naturally, the corrupt news media has not reported on this; so pass the information along; the public needs to know.