When I was young, my next door neighbors thought it would be fun to tell their youngest brother (three years old) that a turd in the bottom of the toilet was chocolate. The boy was too young to realize he was being played on by his older brothers, so he pulled out the turd and bit into it. His older brothers thought this was hilarious, as he made faces because of the unexpected taste. Then the game was to see how many times they could get him to bite into the turd.

Liberals have been playing the same game on the American public for about forty years. Obama is their ultimate creation. They’ve destroyed the housing market. This was the major retirement investment of most of us. They’ve destroyed the job market. They’ve destroyed social security. They’ve destroyed health care. They’ve destroyed many businesses such as light bulb manufactories, car companies, tobacco companies, insurance agencies and real estate companies. The whole time they’ve been laughing and saying how good it is. It fits their ideal of what the world should be. They want a world of wealthy elites, who get rich off of government contracts, and prosperous and powerful bureaucrats telling the rest of us how to live. But the great majority of us will be impoverished and restricted, with little freedom or opportunity.

The problems are getting worse and will be harder to solve once inflation charges ahead. Many of us in the private sector, are seriously beaten by inflation. We have no protection from it. The liberals major constituents, big unions and government employees thrive in such an environment. Automatic cost of living increases will keep them well ahead of the game while inflation and unemployment are taking away the savings of the rest of us. So a large part of the population will support the policies that have caused the disaster. This explains why Obama went on a hiring spree in the federal government when he came into office. Those federal employees want to keep their high paying jobs with automatic pay raises, rather than enter the world of the unemployed.

Government spending on boondoggles like high speed rail will enrich his friends in the corporate world as well as the unions. The uselessness of the project will guarantee that there is no benefit to the private sector.