The left lane is for the Maryland driver

There is an urban legend that Marylanders are taught to drive below the speed limit in the left lane. When you look at the highways, especially in Maryland, this appears self evident and irrefutable. Appearances are deceptive. If you drive in the West part of the state, or the Southeast part, Marylanders drive like the rest of the country. The problem is around Washington, D.C. Most of the people here came from someplace else. The Washington suburbs have the highest paid, best educated, and most intelligent people in the country. (Most are educated beyond their intelligence) They come here to work for the federal government as bureaucrats and rule makers for the rest of the country. They come here to work as lobbyists for one of the hundreds of law firms around here. Only a few really practice law. Instead they write legislation to benefit special interest groups. And people come here to get rich as government contractors. They write studies for special interest groups that will promote legislation so that someone can get rich without producing anything.

This gives insight into why traffic is so bad here and why the federal government is so fat and incompetent. Washington is the home of the most arrogant, self important people in the country. They believe they are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of the country; that gives them the right to tell you what to do, and force you to do it. That’s why they squat in the left hand lane at or below the speed limit and they pass on the right, especially in merge lanes on the highway.
If everyone in the country were forced to drive in the Washington area for a week and given an accurate understanding of the causes of the problems around here, they would all be members of the tea party.