Newly Set

I would just like everyone who reads this to know how I came to this conclusion. I have typically always been one to weigh both candidates and then vote my conscience. This year all of that changed. No Longer will I just stand by and watch this country get dragged through the mud by the liberal party. The days of the minority left wing, anti-God, anti-Country, anti-Family party needs to end. America needs to unite and in one voice proclaim that enough is enough. No longer we should stand by and let the socialistic and borderline communistic radical individuals that would see our Great Nation go straight down the path to hell. It is key that those of us who have watched our personal and indiviual civil rights eroded day by day by the pro abortion, seperatists, gun control lobbyists, and extreme tree huggers tell the rest of the good honest God Fearing citizens, that we have to honor the “marriage” of gays and lesbians, and that we aren’t intelligent enough to handle our guns, and that oh by the way, I can’t speak about my own personal choice about God because I might offend someone who isn’t a Christian. I absolutely believe that the attacks that have been launched against Sarah Palin is reprehensible at best. Shame on those who would seek to destroy the image of this woman in the eyes of her children and family, not to mention the rest of the Country! And Never in any way should her children be attacked or dragged through the mud!!!!! I have 2 teenage daughters, my eldest child got pregnant while she was a senior in high school, she graduated, married, had my beautiful grandson, and now that he is almost a year old, she has decided to volunteer in the military, taking her oath tomorrow, as a matter of fact, for the Navy. Just because a kid makes a wrong decision, that does NOT mean that they should be berrated and torn apart, nor does it mean that they will always make the worng decision. That is an issue that effects alot of Americans, and the left wing leberals need to grow up, and listen to their fellow Americans, not keep stirring up the poo pot! Working Mom in America!