Elitists - Almost as Distasteful on the Right as on the Left

Leftists, as I have pointed out before, get all giddy and excited about the royal family. Any royal family. They love royals because they see themselves as royal. Leftists are by definition elitists. They believe they know better than the rest of us how things should work. They’re wrong, of course, as has been proven over and over. But nevertheless, they wish, more than anything else, to rule over the great, unwashed masses – the bitter clingers, the non-Ivy Leaguers, the flyover country inhabitants… you know. The people they believe to be not as smart or beautiful or sophisticated as they are. The little people. In other words, you and me.

Yup, we’re used to this from the Left. From the President who travels with an entourage to rival that of an Arab sultan. From the former Speaker of the House who considered U.S. military jets her own private taxi service. From the Secretary of the Treasury who considered himself far, far above the bourgeois classes who actually PAY taxes. We know exactly what they think of us.

But it’s a bitter pill to swallow when one of our own turns on us. Someone who, philosophically, adheres to some of our principles – but then doesn’t mask his contempt for us.

The latest – not the greatest – example of this happened today on Fox News Sunday. Bill Kristol, who blogger Jim Hoft refers to as an “east coast elitist,” says the Florida Straw Poll is proof of the “weak” field of candidates on the GOP slate.

As Hoft points out, the current field includes:

“…a Texas governor who has created half of the jobs in the U.S. these past two years; a former Massachusetts governor who has a strong business background and saved the Salt Lake City Olympics; a former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza; a popular Minnesota Congresswoman; the former Speaker of the House of Representatives…”

Among others. Yeah, that’s an incredibly weak field.

I don’t know who’s going to stay in the running, join the race late, drop out, or win the nomination. But I know that elitists like Kristol are doing us any favors by insisting that these people are not up to par with the arrogant socialist currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.